Dancing Cello

17 December | 20:00
Vernier, Geneva – Switzerland

Dancing Cello attempts to respond to the difficulty of reconciling formatted individual life and artistic creativity through a modern and urban ballet.

The world in which we live conditions, tends to homogenize individualities. Each must be part of a whole, which we call «society». A big word, a vast concept difficult to grasp. Can we emancipate ourselves when we are caught up in this cycle in spite of ourselves? Should we find our individuality in the mass? It is so much easier and more reassuring to be a cog, to stop thinking, to let yourself be formatted.

Through urban dance and classical dance vibrating under the sound of the cello, this new creation questions us about our choices. A reflection both on ourselves and on the world around us, on our relationship to others and to our «me».

Dancing Cello is a dance illustration of this complementary opposition: this need to belong to a group and this desire to fully express one’s individuality, unity and uniqueness.

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